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We build good software. We provide software consulting for many areas of industry: financial, automotive, software retailers, and other forms of technology and business. And, we develop our own software products to help improve our world. We truly enjoy developing software that enhances your quality of life.
Hierarchy, it's our pride and joy!
We've been working on an extremely bold, new tool for programming called Hierarchy. We think it changes everything.
Please click here to check out Project Hierarchy.
The Hierarchy beta 2 is ready for you to try!
June 6th, 2011
We're on year four of the development of Hierarchy, and the beta 2 version of the Hierarchy Meta-Compiler for Java is ready for developers to try! We'd like to thank all our beta testers for their feedback! (especially to H.S. for his extremely useful comments!) Hierarchy is a Java development tool that developers use to create and manipulate xml-like data-structures directly in Java (it's like JSON for Java).
Please click here to get more info on Hierarchy and give it a try.
The Hierarchy beta released!
January 16th, 2011
After years of development, we finally releasing the beta version of the Hierarchy Meta-Compiler for Java! Hierarchy is a Java development tool that developers use to create and manipulate xml-like data-structures directly in Java (it's like JSON for Java). We hope you'll give it a try!
September 9th, 2010
We'd like to welcome Twitter to our list of clients! We've formed a new relationship with Twitter, helping them develop and maintain their SMS infrastructure. Their SMS servers send tweets to cellphones world-wide, processing millions of text messages every hour. Welcome!
Abstract Systems is now Unconventional Thinking!
July 22th, 2010
We really liked the name Abstract Systems, but unfortunately, the US Patent and Trademark Office didn't :) So, we are now Unconventional Thinking! We believe that unconventional thinking is often what leads to better ideas and creativity, two goals we strive for in our products and in how we develop software.
Creating a High-Volume, Bulk SMS-Message Sender for Vanso
December 1st, 2009
We're creating a bulk message sender for txt messages that uses surprisingly little resources while being able to send millions of messages per hour! This little, mighty server is being implemented in SMPP and Java.
Building Web Services and Content Management Systems for Rubbermaid
February 20th, 2007
We are currently working to help Rubbermaid to securely connect to their clients and partners using web services. We are also working with them to create an easy to use but powerful interface for managing the content on their site, http://www.rcpworksmarter.com.
Building Web Services for the Unisys Corporation!
June 24th, 2006
We have formed a new relationship with the Unisys Corporation. One of our developers is helping Unisys build a hand-writing recognition-system for the banking industry. This system will be a web service that will save financial corporations millions in overhead for many of their transactions. Unisys is one of the top banking computing-services in the world.
Unconventional Thinking (at the time, the company was called, Abstract Systems) opens its doors with its first project!
May, 2006
It has taken a great deal of work, but Unconventional Thinking is now ready to provide customers with great service and innovative products. Unconventional Thinking was formed by three seasoned, software-development specialists and one skilled and highly respected, sales and marketing manager. And, we have already received our first project! We are currently working on sales and production tracking software for a large furniture manufacturer.